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*/{crowdsourced} Noir / Love Beyond Recognition/ @ Furtherfield Gallery
Saturday 08 September 2012, 12-6pm
*Please join us for a drop-in 'clipsourcing' workshop led by Swedish 
artist Josefina Posch in collaboration with artist and new media 
developer Mike Blackman (UK).*

Using online tools specifically created for the project, participants 
will identify who the speakers are, contribute keywords, and rate short 
movie clips from the online public domain Film Noir Archive. The 
contribution will help shape the final interactive piece that will be 
streamed live at Futherfield Gallery in December 2012.


*About the Project*
/*{crowdsourced} Noir / Love Beyond Recognition*/ is a process-based 
artwork encompassing a sculptural installation and an interactive stream 
across the World Wide Web. The origin of both parts of the project is 
based upon the notion of 'crowdsourcing'. The principle being that more 
heads are better than one. By canvassing a large crowd of people for 
ideas, skills, or participation, the quality of content and idea 
generation will be superior. In this instance, crowdsourcing will be 
applied through the use of clipsourcing tools which have been developed 
to aid in project-related tasks that can only be achieved through human 
interaction/intervention. This way, the crowd will help the artist 
achieve these tasks whilst adding a democratic element to the final 
outcome of the project.

During Spring and Summer 2012, an interested public will be able to both 
participate and contribute to the project's creative process in two 
distinct ways: in Sweden as models, whereby a cast will be taken of a 
chosen body part (the body parts will later be assembled to full figure 
sculptures) and in the UK by taking part in a workshop at Furtherfield 
Gallery to help source short clips from the Online Public Domain Film 
Noir Archive through our online tool. The final iteration of the project 
will be exhibited in Gothenburg, Sweden in December 2012 with live 
interactive streams at Furtherfield Gallery, London.

*About the Artist*
*Josefina Posch*?
Josefina Posch is a Swedish artist that has worked and exhibited 
extensively abroad, including at the 52nd Venice Biennale, Fondazione 
Pistoletto's Cittadellarte, Sculpturespace NY and a residency at Duolun 
Museum of Modern Art Shanghai. During her 3 month residency at Art 
Space, Portsmouth, in Autumn 2010, she began her collaboration with 
artist and new media developer Mike Blackman in the development of her 
digital concepts.

The project is supported by Arts Council England/British Council and the 
Gothenburg City Arts Council.??+ More information: www.crowdsourcednoir.org

*+ More information:* www.crowdsourcednoir.org 

Alessandra Scapin
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