[NetBehaviour] An Open Call: I have a brain cancer.

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Sep 11 11:00:55 CEST 2012

An Open Call: I have a brain cancer.

"A brain cancer. Some very personal Open Data. An opportunity."


Salvatore Iocanesi, has put out an open call for all to grab the 
information about his disease, and create a video, an artwork, a map, a 
text, a poem, a game, or try to find a solution for his health problem.


Yesterday I went to get my digital medical records: I have to show them 
to many doctors.

Sadly they were in a closed, proprietary format and, thus, I could not 
open them using my computer, or send them in this format to all the 
people who could have saved my life.

I cracked them.

I opened them and converted the contents into open formats, so that I 
could share them with everyone.

Just today I have been able to share the data about my health condition 
(about my brain cancer) with 3 doctors.

2 of them already replied.

I have been able to do it because the data used open, accessible 
formats: they have been able to open the files using their computers, 
their tablets. They have been able to reply from home, on sunday.

I will progressively publish all the replies I will receive, using open 
formats, so that anyone with my same disease will be able to benefit 
from the solutions I will find.

This is a CURE. This is my OPEN SOURCE CURE.

This is an open invitation to take part in the CURE.

CURE, in different cultures, means different things.

There are cures for the body, for spirit, for communication.

Grab the information about my disease, if you want, and give me a CURE: 
create a video, an artwork, a map, a text, a poem, a game, or try to 
find a solution for my health problem.

Artists, designers, hackers, scientists, doctors, photographers, 
videomakers, musicians, writers. Anyone can give me a CURE.

Create your CURE using the content which you find in the DATI/DATA 
section here on this site, and send it to info at artisopensource.net.

All CURES will be displayed here.

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