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Wed Sep 12 12:56:32 CEST 2012

Women in Games. limited number of pairs of free.

Women in Games Jobs would like to offer you a pair of complimentary 
ticket to the European Women in Games conference on 26th September at 
the London Kensington Hilton.

Women In Games Jobs (WIGJ) is a not for profit company that works to 
recruit, retain and support the progression of women in the games 
industry by promoting role models and providing support and information. 
We want to reach out to you and your students. We have over 3000 
supporters. See more about us athttp://www.womeningamesjobs.com 

We have a limited number of pairs of free tickets for those in games 
education on a first come, first served basis. This event is by 
invitation only so you will need to pre-register. You can see the full 
agenda athttp://wigconference2012.eventbrite.com/ 

This year we have over 20 women speakers including keynotes from Ella 
Romanos, CEO Remote Studios on HTML5, fad or future and Martha Henson, 
from the Wellcome trust presenting Drugs, bugs and neuroscience: a 
formula for successful learning games? Panels on diversity and how to 
get a job in games including panellists from Blitz Games, Activision 
studio Blast Furnace, Codemasters, and Norwich University College of 
Art. New for this year’s conference are our roundtables where the host 
will discuss hot topics to small groups from gambling and games, motion 
control, analytics and augmented reality . For more details 

We think that this is the only event of its kind In Europe in 2012. It 
is focussed on advice for games academics and their students on how to 
help more women get jobs in the games industry. For your free 2 tickets 
go tohttp://wigconference2012.eventbrite.co.uk/and 
your details. When asked, enter this discount code "WIGEDU". (Maximum 2 
tickets per games course.)

If you cannot attend but can recommend students from your course that 
would benefit, please pass on this pair of complimentary pair of 
tickets. If you’d like any further tickets for students please contact 
gina.jackson at wigjobs.com.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Please say you will join us!

Best Regards

Gina Jackson
Chief Executive
Women in Games Jobs

Dr. Mathias Fuchs
European Masters in Ludic Interfaces
The University of Salford

from Oct. 2012: Prof. Segmented Media Offerings,
Leuphana University Lueneburg

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