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This is wonderful news, Edward.  I don't think I have ever known an author who won a book award.  Are you going to start charging for autographs?

It's also great news for The Last Collaboration since you wrote the introduction.



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Dear all -

Dr Hairy wins an award!

In my "ordinary life" as a Practice Manager, I and Dr David Hindmarsh 
(the doctor I work for) have co-authored a book, rather boringly called 
"Professional Development for Appraisal and Revalidation (The Dr Hairy 
Workbook)", which was published earlier this year by Scion Publishing 
It includes a DVD with all the Dr Hairy videos on it, plus questions 
about the videos and lots of exercises designed to help GPs with their 
"reflective learning". A couple of months ago we learned that the book 
had been shortlisted for the Primary Care category in this year's BMA 
(British Medical Association) book awards.

Our first reaction was that there were probably only two or three 
entries in the category, so the shortlisting might not be much of an 
achievement; but on further inquiry we learnt that there were actually 
23 entries, of which only three had been shortlisted. Rather flattering, 
but we still thought we hadn't got a hope of winning, because the tone 
of the book is very similar to the tone of the Dr Hairy videos - rude, 
tongue-in-cheek, and disrespectful towards the medical establishment. 
Hardly likely to find favour with a fuddy-duddy organisation like the 
BMA, we thought. But the BMA are obviously less fuddy-duddy than we gave 
them credit for, because last night I attended the BMA Book Awards, and 
we won the Primary Care category! I almost fell off my chair when they 
announced it.

I was the only one there, too: David's on holiday in Devon, and there 
was no sign of our publisher; although he must have found out about it 
somehow, because his website is already carrying the news. Unfortunately 
there isn't a big cash prize, but all the same I can't deny that I felt 
extremely pleased with myself, and still do. Perhaps it'll lead to a big 
Hollywood contract...

- Edward Picot
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