[NetBehaviour] Mapping the Beginnings of Computer-generated Arts in The Netherlands 1955-1980

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Interview with Darko Fritz by Twan Eikelenboom for Virtueel Platform 
(Dutch): Terug naar de begindagen van computergegenereerde kunst
and publication Mapping the Beginnings of Computer-generated Art in The 
Netherlands (initial release, visual art only) - PDF, English, 51 pages, 


Here published 51 pages pdf document (English) is result of the first 
phase of the research that focus on visual arts. While progressing, the 
research transgressed its primarily focus on visual fine arts to other 
art disciplines, as becomes visible that they were strong and 
inseparable crossovers of artistic disciplines in practice and other 
creative use of computers. The achievements made in computer-generated 
literature, sound and music, film / animation, architecture / urbanism, 
theatre / dance, product / graphic design / typography and hardware / 
software design of artists tools were included in the outputs of second 
research phase (not published yet): Chronology (28500 words about more 
than 400 items) and Bibliography (230 items). During the research 167 
subjects (authors and institutions) involved with digital technologies 
within art and culture sector were mapped. The research is going on ...

Web page with the interview by Twan Eikelenboom for Virtueel Platform 
(in Dutch) hosts 51 pages pdf document with initial findings on the 
visual arts (in English), and several never-published illustrations of 
computer-generated artworks in the Netherlands:

- handwritten computer program of non-realized gallery installation 
'Nixmur (automatisering)' (1969) by Remko Scha - printer that endlessly 
print out the text of the anti Vietnam war slogan 'Nixon murderer'.

- photo of the gallery installation 'Random diagonal: MGN.22' (1977) by 
Samuel Meyering
- video documentation of the 'Mobilodrom' (1979) - "a vehicle producing 
sounds in reaction to its environment" with real-time computing, by 
Michael Fahres (excerpt from TV broadcast from 1979, that authors did't 
knew about)



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