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ruth catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
Fri Sep 21 08:43:50 CEST 2012

Hi Claude,

Nice to hear from you. Glad you are well again.
Not only will technology not always be available but I have a theory
(that I can't be bothered to prove) that it can also make you ill and
contribute to hospitalisation.

There's nothing quite like a letter through the door (that isn't a bill
or from the tax office) to lift the spirits.


* Learn to make art without technology, for sanity when there is no
    technology to assist your creativity

I made these drawings in daily sessions of dirty-fingered divination


mainly because I'm fascinated with drawing at the moment but also to
re-balance my day to day experience of computer life. Its tools, and
connectivity are empowering but it can also deliver a daily
pihrana-attack experience.

Look forward to hearing more from you soon.

On 17/09/2012 11:23, Claude Heiland-Allen wrote:
> Greetings all,
> Apologies for my silence after my last post, I've been in hospital
> (pretty much recovered now, so no need to worry) for 2 months with only
> payphone and snail mail access.  So to reiterate a point Rob Myers made
> a while ago:
> * Keep a paper address book!  Technology will not always be available.
> And to add to that from my own experiences:
> * Memorize as many phone numbers / addresses as possible
> * Keep a stock of suitable small change
>     (payphone minimum charge is 60p for 30mins to a landline)
> * Keep a stock of postage stampes and envelopes and paper
> * Learn to make art without technology, for sanity when there is no
>     technology to assist your creativity
> * Plan regular offline / real world meetings, to keep a network when
>     technology fails.
> Hope to write more in the coming weeks, hope you're all keeping well,
> hoping to make it to the next Furtherfield events in October (if there
> are some planned).
> Peace love and unity,
> Claude
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