[NetBehaviour] /dev/art #12 Paris 2nd October

ruth catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
Sat Sep 29 15:34:25 CEST 2012

Thanks Claude,
I played a bit with isometric paper too. But realised that i want the 
structured lines of this with the texture of cartridge paper. The only 
stuff I can find is too smooth. I guess its manufacturers only imagine 
fine line drawing rather than splatty smeary affairs

stay well
: )

On 29/09/2012 13:26, Claude Heiland-Allen wrote:
> Hi Ruth, list,
> On 29/09/12 13:01, ruth catlow wrote:
>> I enjoyed looking at these drawings.
> Thank you!  I enjoyed your drawings too, but failed to mention so in the
> other thread as I was a tad overwhelmed with other things going on.
>> What is the surface? it looks silky and wibbley which contrasts
>> interestingly with the structured geometry of the images.
> The ones on the "book" image on the front page are drawn in HB pencil on
> a thick textured card/paper book with a concertina binding (the other
> side of the paper remains untouched, so I can draw another 23 pictures -
> saving for rainy day inspirations).  The book is a family heirloom (from
> the father of a friend of my mother), not sure of its original origins,
> he was an architect/designer/artist or something along those lines as
> far as I know - hopefully i get to visit Berlin this autumn and visit
> the family friends and learn more of my family history too.
> The other images are on a mixture of papers - the earlier ones were biro
> and / or coloured pencil on paper towels (intended for drying hands, I
> had no other paper freely available at that time), then I got some
> regular A4 general purpose paper and a very good friend later provided a
> variety of papers including 1mm graph paper, 5mm isometric paper, 43gsm
> layout paper (which is thin enough to trace through but opaque), tracing
> paper (which is glossy and translucent), and I also (when I was well
> enough to leave the ward with an escort) got some 5mm squared paper too.
> And my scanner is slightly dodgy, and I didn't do anything beyond
> resizing the images to (really tiny) for the website - eventually I'll
> get bigger versions online but if you have any particular favourites
> point them out and I'll upload bigger versions of those.  Got another 40
> sheets of scrappy unfinished ideas and work in progress to scan next
> time I'm really really bored :)
> Anyway, I now have a big (32l) box full of different papers and drawing
> / painting stuff, so I have plenty of scope to create more - it's a
> matter of time - not enough hours in the day - though maybe I should get
> into a routine (s'been years since I had a proper one) and set aside an
> hour a day solely for drawing / writing / painting / and other analogue art.
>   > : )
>   > R
> Thanks again,
> Claude

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