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Sun Sep 30 10:44:29 CEST 2012

2nd Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium 
[Early bird tickets available till 15th OCT]
The Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa [MINA] creates interactions between people, content and the creative industries. In its second edition the Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium provides a platform for filmmakers, artists, designers, researchers, ‘pro-d-users’ and industry professionals to debate the prospect of wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies in a changing art and design environment and the creative industries. The symposium will explore these developments and dynamics in a transdisciplinary context.
As part of the program MINA also presents the International Mobile Innovation Screening 2012 at the New Zealand Film Archive in Wellington on Friday 23rd November at 6.30pm (http://mina2012screening.eventbrite.co.nz/).
The Mobile Creativity and Innovation Symposium will take place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November 2012 including a keynote by Prof. Gerhard Goggin (University of Sydney). Please see www.mina.pro for further details and symposium program. On Sunday the 25th November the MINA events conclude with an unconference session (featuring the Mobile Art Lab and eBook Production using iBooks Author workshop by Apple).
Symposium registration: http://mina2012.eventbrite.co.nz 
w: http://mina.pro
e: max at mina.pro
t: @MINAmobile

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