[NetBehaviour] Microsplash collab webmake Sun7Apr, Ldn

Matt Guy theabstractarts at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 13:54:20 CEST 2013

MicroSplash, c4cc London - 1-7pm Sunday 7th April 2013

'The microsite is a polemical form to contest the essay'


Microsites can be like pamphlets, street art and other cultural morsels.

We invite you to take part in MicroSplash, where varied folk gather,
discuss ideas, team up and create novel, surreal, pointed and other kinds
of sites. Then we'll watch for worldly ripples. We hope to finish simple
sites on the day.

Our last event spawned: hackneyhaute.com http://bit.ly/YpfpWi

This is an informal, social session, open to all coders, designers and

For our information please email info at microsplash.org if
you might come, or just show up.

Centre 4 Creative Collaboration: http://creative-collaboration.net
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