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back in the 90s, a couple of (conservative right-wing) politicians in nz 
did this as a kind of publicity stunt/challenge to prove that it was 
possible for people to live on the slashed unemployment benefits of the 
time. i can't find an online reference to it, but from memory they did 
it for a week or maybe 2, & made a whole lot of media appearances giving 
patronising tips to low income people about how they were able to make 
ends meet on a benefit & have fun doing it too.

of course they did not move out of their big houses or give up their 
cars or empty out their freezers & pantries & wine cellars or have 
months of unpaid bills piling up all around them or have to forego 
future holidays or throw out their wardrobe or not visit their friends 
for fancy meals or anything like that - so in reality it was a bit of a 
joke. they told people who live in council houses with concrete all 
around to grow their own vegies, people who don't own sewing machines to 
mend their clothes, people who can't afford bus fare to leave the car at 
home ...

unfortunately most politicians are far, far removed from daily reality 
of those at the bottom of the heap ...

On 3/04/13 5:37 AM, Alan Sondheim wrote:
> signed as well - we have similar issues here - I taught, think the title
> was Nickle And Dimed - a couple of years ago, similar situation.
> God I wish I were rich! I wouldn't have to listen to myself!
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