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"Some years ago, the elements (ideas, conceptions, practices, people)
that compose the current (so-called) Free Culture movement were
appropriated by the bureaucrat and the capitalist. The ones that made
use of the technologies and available media to the creation of actions
that provided the debate on new perspectives of possible social
arrangements (obtained by tools such as free licenses, networks of
communication, open source software), are today digested by the old
apparatuses and social mechanisms that once they have used and
questioned. They participated, many times unconsciously, in a
"socio-professional trainingâ" in order to occupy the same functions
established for the maintainers of a system that is distant from what we
imagine as a possible human grouping, even more distanced from freedom."


Global Islands Project:

"We fill the craters left by the bombs
And once again we sing
And once again we sow
Because life never surrenders."
-- anonymous Vietnamese poem

"Nothing can be said about the sea."
-- Mr Selvam, Akkrapattai, India 2004

"... for every star-driven enterprise there are corollary
benefits for those who support it and keep their mouths shut."
-- John Young, NYC 2010

"Shikata ga nai -- There's nothing we can do about it."
-- Japanese tsunami survivors, 2011

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