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I was printing my own photographs at age 8, am conversant in all traditional
printmaking techniques (intaglio, stone lithography, serigraphy, block-prints.) I
was an early proponent of digital techniques, and can operate a 4-color Heidelberg

I'm well acquainted with 'Artworld circuitry' as my own prints, photos, film,
sound-works, net-art and books are still exhibited internationally. I have over 25
years' continuing experience (including teaching) and education (ba/mfa) in
contemporary art/print/media critical theory and processes.

I've been tirelessly instrumental in establishing and supporting artist venues and
organizing exhibits my entire, multi-faceted career. I've garnered an extensive
global range of artist, curatorial and industry contacts. Ideally, good curating
should elucidate, enable and extend the artworks. An early 80's video-art show that
I initiated and promulgated, travelled internationally and then became a
particularly popular and well-funded program to introduce local video production,
primarily in public schools -- which then enabled community cable tv programs, and
finally morphed into a successful artist-run exhibition center that still exists to
this day.

For the last six years I've been producing a collaborative series of multimedia --
with a print component -- publications entitled the Global Islands Project. While
the various forms of graphics/photography/printmaking remain central to my concerns,
I've developed a wide range of critical-art and media expertise.

 I'm certain that this is the perfect, mutual opportunity -- I'd simply be thrilled
and honored to work with you folks!

brad brace
bbrace at eskimo.com

Current media-industry recommendations, artist contacts, academia references and
publication/project-links follow:


Global Islands Project:  http://bradbrace.net/id.html
Red Drawings:  http://www.bbrace.net/reddwgs08/index.html
12-hour isbn-jpeg project:  http://bradbrace.net/12hr.html

(please contact for academia recommendations:)

Garry Neil Kennedy
Former President
NSCAD University

Professor Eric Cameron
Faculty of Fine Arts
University of Calgary

Professors Lynda Gammon
& Sandra Meigs
University of Victoria


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