[NetBehaviour] Cybersalon: Media Art Then and Now: 27 March 2013

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Wed Apr 10 00:09:52 CEST 2013

Cybersalon: Media Art Then and Now: 27 March 2013

By Niki Gomez.

This event was the place to be on a freezing Wednesday 27th March. We 
all gathered at the ever so the hospitable Arts Catalyst (thank you 
Rob), armed with beer and pizzas (thank you Easynet) and barely able to 
contain our excitement at what was to come tonight.

The event was kicked off by Ilze Black, the Chair for the evening, who 
gave a brief intro to the topic and run through our working taxonomy of 
the New Media Art.

"William Latham, Sean Cubitt, Ivan Pope, Ilze Black AND Garrett & Catlow 
from Furtherfield: all spoke at the last Cybersalon on Media Art: what 
was said? Here's the summary you've been waiting for! Believe us, it was 
hard to describe!" Richard Barbrook.


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