[NetBehaviour] Drones

Lichty, Patrick plichty at colum.edu
Wed Apr 10 19:25:43 CEST 2013

I have been using drones as subject matter and visual fodder for three years now.
Not so much about military drones but activism and domestication of military technology in regards to New Aesthetics.


One of three videos I have created using video drones is "The Private Life of a Drone" (playing off Deren and Hammid)

I have also been using semiautonomous land-based drones to make paintings much in the vein of Gutai painter Akira Kanayama.

I also run a small activist group dedicated to using drons as counter-srveillance tool and educational device for social discourse, in partnership with the Overpass Light Brigade:
The DIY Drone Brigade:

I hals have an in - process spoof of The Minutemen who patrol the Mexican border called Minutemen North, a rag-tag group of drone vigilantes who patrol the Canadian border searching for American emigrants escaping intoCanada
http://www.minutementnorth.com (may not be online yet)


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