[NetBehaviour] The Transnational Glitch

Antonio Roberts antonio at hellocatfood.com
Sun Apr 14 21:24:42 CEST 2013

My article for Volume 2, Issue 1 of Libre Graphics magazine. You can
still buy the issue or download it from their website:


American English is the common language of computing and the internet.
That’s quite unfortunate. There are indeed many talented non-English
speakers building our websites and shaping our digital future. That
potential aside, one only has to look at the programming languages
themselves and even small things like web addresses to see a bias
towards English. Functions in popular programming languages are
derived from English and, while websites that are not in English
exist, their URLs are always in English, with only the domain
extension (.fr, .pt, .es, .cn, etc.) available to give the website a
sense of cultural identity.

The English-language bias also extends itself to digital art. Creative
programming languages like Pure Data and Processing still use English
as their common language and present barriers to those who want to
take part. Is an English-only ecosystem really the way forward?

antonio at hellocatfood.com

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