[NetBehaviour] Tax Evaders: The Invasion Begins.

netbehaviour netbehaviour at furtherfield.org
Mon Apr 15 17:02:18 CEST 2013

Tax Evaders: The Invasion Begins.


The wealthiest, most powerful corporations are stealing hundreds of 
billions of dollars from our treasury every year by dodging their taxes 
- while the rest of us pay the bill and accept austerity. So we went 
where they live.

None of these actions would've been possible without: Overpass Light 
Brigades across the country, Occupy Wall Street, The Illuminator, 
Luminous Intervention, San Francisco Projection Department, The Backbone 
Campaign, US Uncut, Citizen Engagement Lab, Yes Lab, and The Other 98%.

Game by: Molleindustria, James Biddulph, Ashton Morris and Gan Golan.

Music: "Helix Nebula" by the awesome Anamanaguchi http://bit.ly/11h8lzq

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