[NetBehaviour] Experimental Ruins: West Edition Field Guide.

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Tue Apr 16 13:30:11 CEST 2013

Experimental Ruins: West Edition Field Guide.


Experimental Ruins: West Edition was a critical excursion and an artwork 
devised by Neal White of The Office of Experiments (OOE). It is part of 
a series of artworks by OOE which use a technique called Overt Research 
to explore the UK landscape as a multi-layered territory that can be 
interpreted through aesthetic, archaeological, geographical and 
techno-scientific interpretations. This participatory project focused 
attention on the history and geography of post-1945 scientific research, 
and the facilities and spaces created to house technological advances, 
that were developed around the periphery of London and especially the 
corridor to the west. Participants explored the often improbable, 
underground or unremarkable suburban settings in which scientific 
research institutions have pushed the frontiers of investigation.

Neal White, with Lala Thorpe, Luce, Choules, Lisa Haskell and Roy 
Stevenson from the Museum of London, welcomed over 20 volunteers in a 
preliminary experimental fieldwork session for “overt researchers”, 
mapping and documenting a single site, an archive of 17000 corpses 
closed to the public in the Ossiary at Museum of London.

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