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The Geometrics: Volume 1
An Exhibition and Book of Contemporary British Textiles,
New Media, New Methods, New Work

Opening event: Friday 19th April 2013, 6pm – 9pm
Exhibition Runs: Thursday 20th April – Sunday 5th May 2013
Opening times: Thursday – Sunday, 12pm – 6pm
Symposium: Saturday 27th April 2013, 2pm – 8pm

Artists: Suzanne Antonelii | Lisa Bloomer | Melanie Bowles | Ele 
Carpenter | Bridget Harvey | Tanvi Kant | Katherine May | Marie Molterer 
| Marie O'Connor | Emma Neuberg | Geraldine Peclard | Egle Vuleviticiute 
| Samantha Warren | Camille Walala | Clare Willard

The Geometrics: Volume 1 showcases a new chapter in British textiles – 
their meaning, possibility, diversity and reach. In the first of a 
series of exhibitions, Volume 1 focuses on the interface between fine 
art, film and fashion.

Geometrics have always been central to populist textile design, from 
Inca weave and Xhosa beadwork to Sonia Delaunay knit and Jonathan 
Saunders print. The Geometrics: Volume 1 works this rich legacy into 
present day processes, media and methods. Html patchwork, 
Nbedele-inspired plastics, geometric performance gifs, embroidered wood, 
lazercut laminates and open source design: this is contemporary British 
textiles, new media, new language, new meaning.

The artists are a group of emerging practitioners and design activists 
specializing in tactile mathematical form, pattern, structure and 
narrative. The majority of them trained at the Royal College of Art and 
Chelsea College of Art & Design and invite study in their own right.

A dynamic and inspiring public programme of events, workshops and a 
one-day symposium accompany the exhibition. The Geometrics: Volume 1 
book is also launched outlining the artists working processes and focus 
on geometrics.

Talks and presentations include an analysis of Anni Albers’ Inca 
inspiration by Marianna Franzosi (Tribal Art Gallery, Rome), 
Postmodernism at the V&A Reworked by open source textile design platform 
The People’s Print and Geometric Semiotics by Dr Emma Neuberg, director 
of the Slow Textiles Group.

The show, book, happenings and social interactions culminate in a second 
publication later in the year, which will bring together the different 
strands to form the first geometric textiles anthology of its kind. The 
Geometrics: Volume 1 marks an exciting, participatory starting point for 
promoting discourse around timeless textile aesthetics and society’s 
symbolic and sartorial relationship with these.

The Slow Textiles Group, an independent platform promoting textile 
design and textile designers as vehicle for fertile new language, vision 
and cultural symbolism, supports the project.

Exhibition curated by Emma Neuberg and Daisy McMullan

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Website http://thegeometrics.blogspot.com
Email: hi at slowstudio.co.uk

Kingsgate Workshops Trust Gallery
110-116 Kingsgate Road

Dr Ele Carpenter
AHRC Early Career Research Fellow in Nuclear Culture
Lecturer, MFA Curating, Goldsmiths College
m: +44 (0)7989 502 191


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