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new rips: np (usually only the google-bot is listening)

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remarkably harmonious grog ballads (live Fijian village kava songs) interspersed
with recorded Christian/pop plus staid, unaccompanied Methodist hymns and feverish
ANC (All Nations) open-air church services with petrol-generator-amplified keyboard
on Waya Island, Fiji plus a thunderous stay in the Lautoka 'mainland' Seabreeze
Motel 2011/12 -- all mono recordings; the latter using a splitter between
bathroom/courtyard window mics and a tiny $7 radio broadcast

estranged recordings from behind a Scentimental rose bush at Portland
International Rose Test Gardens, Oregon, USA, July 4, 2011. Hoards of
nattering, socially-engineered, endangered middle-class visitors take
photos of each other, and smell the genetically-designed roses. One, two,
three. A reggae band performs a sound-check in the background. Scentimental
was also a Mel Blanc cartoon featuring Pepe LePew and Penelope Pussycat.
"Vive l'amour! We die together." [also at archive.org/bbrace]

over 80 days' [suspended during the tsunami: the two main actors appeared in
split-screen and encouraged the people to persevere] -- episodes of a Japanese TV
soap-opera -- to accompany the show's opening/integrated theme music, with
soaring/plaintive violins; each day there's a wonderful new montage of Okinawans
enacting this typical illustrative dance -- it's a great 15-minute production that's
very popular and repeats a few times daily, but maybe only on the southern

five-hour recordings of/on the polar bear express train to moosonee,
ontario:  gateway to the canadian arctic

recent compilations of grenadines (west indies) radio programming (parang

latest release: LBOSPI recordings field-compilations from Lake Brule, Oil
Springs and Peele Island
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over 13 hours of fresh mp3 rips of long reticent monoaural, radio-drifts¥,
soup kitchens, police sirens, and forgotten film-soundtracks

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¥ strangely compelling recordings from car radio while travelling under
high-frequency transmission lines in central california

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The Global Islands Project:


Global Islands Project -- ongoing series of multi-media pdf-books -- a
pastoral, pictorial and phonic elicitation of island parameters...


enjoy!  /:b

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