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*Open Video Course Sprint Showcase Event*
*Date* - Sat 20th April @ 6.00pm
*Location* - MS Stubnitz - http://ms.stubnitz.com
*Cost * - Free
*Home page* - http://ovlondon.xmlab.org/
*Contact:* [email] openvideo at xmlab.org - [twitter] @xmlabs_news, 
#ovforum, #openvideo - [irc.freenode.net] #openvideo
*Mailing list:* http://lists.transmission.cc/mailman/listinfo/mokolo-video

The London Open Video course sprint takes place from 18th-20th of April 
to create Open Educational Resources about end-user video tools, 
distribution methods, and open video coding frameworks. These materials 
will be used to teach in community I.T. Hubs, online courses, hackspaces 
and in universities. We can only begin to imagine what will be created 
by the varied and creative mix of educators, film-makers, techies and 
multi-taskers that have come together for this sprint.

If you want to participate remotely we will be collaborating via IRC and 
mailing list. Please sign up and we'll email at the end of the first 
days' sprint with more details.

After these three days of intensive discussions, testing and writing we 
will share key works and projects created with open video tools and 
learn about xm:labs' series of open video events and resources. We'll 
also unveil course materials designed by and for film makers, arts 
organisations, media activists or anyone people teaching in these areas 
who want to integrate open technologies in their production and 

Come and find out what we have created. All results will be under open 
licences and we will invite you to re-use and remix them to suit your 
needs and networks.

Following the showcase you are encouraged to attend the Exploding Cinema 
event. Exploding Cinema is an open access film screening experience 
which welcome (depends on) your film contributions (but their call for 
submissions is now closed, sorry)
more info - http://explodingcinema.org/

*Getting There:*
MS Stubnitz
Canary Wharf Tubestation
Montgomery Street, Wood Wharf E14 9SB, London.

Nearest Tube is Canary Wharf -- take the Montgomery Street exit and 
cross the pontoon bridge. Click here for Street Map

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