[NetBehaviour] Women + Media Art

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Thu Apr 18 11:56:27 CEST 2013

Women + Media Art

Berlin’s media art community: a female perspective

Tuesday 9th April, 2013 // SUPERMARKT

Berlin has a rich and long-standing tradition of women engaged in the 
fields of media arts, media activism and digital culture. Today over 
half of Berlin’s independent project spaces and initiatives revolving 
around the themes of tech, media and digital culture are run by women. A 
broad range of female curators and activists continue to shape net 
politics – initiating independent programmes, hosting events and leading 
research at Berlin’s universities.

Despite this large female contingent, and in a city where the workforce 
is generally evenly distributed, it is at odds that the theoretical 
discourse on media art and net activism, executive roles and 
directorships, as well panelists and participants at events and 
festivals, are still male-dominated. In a forward-thinking city like 
Berlin, this ongoing gap should be addressed so that the wider fields of 
media arts and activism are fully inclusive of the multitude of female 
skills and viewpoints on offer.


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