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Coming Soon: Memory of Fire.

Memory of Fire to be published by Photoworks soon.


This richly illustrated book is a visual, theoretical and historical 
resource about the photography of war, and how images are used as 
instruments of war. It comprises essays and interviews by prominent 
theorists, artists and photographers and covers the urgent issues of the 
depiction of war, the use of images of war by the media, various forms 
of censorship, the military as a PR and image-producing machine, the 
circulation of unofficial images and the impact of the digital mediascape.

High-level critical texts about the image war and the reproduction of 
some of the most compelling images of war, offer readers a unique 
experience. Memory of Fire draws on content gathered for the 2008 
Brighton Photo Biennial, curated by the book’s editor Julian 
Stallabrass, supplemented with commissioned texts and interviews. 
Covering a range of twentieth-century war photography from the Russian 
Revolution to current wars, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan, many 
types of images are illustrated and analysed, from large-scale museum 
photography and artist installations, through photojournalism and 
official army propaganda, through to amateur images made by soldiers.

Edited by Julian Stallabrass.

Essays by Coco Fusco, Sarah James and Julian Stallabrass.

Includes interviews with Broomberg and Chanarin, Philip Jones Griffiths, 
Geert Van Kesteren and Trevor Paglen.

Illustrations include work by Simon Norfolk, Paul Seawright, Thomas 
Hirschhorn, Don McCullin, Tim Page, Ashley Gilbertson, Susan Meiselas, 
Sebastiao Salgado, Stephanie Sinclair, and Ghaith Abdul-Ahad.

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