[NetBehaviour] Call for sound to the first Electronic Port

Franck Ancel ancelfranck at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 16:48:26 CEST 2013

Franck Ancel and Olivier Guillerminet invite you to send sound files 
(copyright free) .wav or .aiff, from 1 April to 1 May 2013. Each 
contribution should not exceed 15 MB per file and sending will be 
limited to 5 per day per user, to the EP # 64.

Remember to create a user account on the site to be able to help!

Remember to leave your author names in order to include all contributors 
to the Electronic Port!

This port is a future electronic work, from your records, simple sounds 
and / or short texts that people can play at a free performance, free 
real-time on a Monome 64, around 8 microphones and 8 headphones, from 
8pm to midnight at the coffee Bordeaux Opera.

Four hours of recording, the patch and all your computer sounds 
anonymous then form a satellite system, a hard drive, accessible to all 
by wifi in the public space.

Electronic Port can be reactivated for other editions, festivals and 
cities, with a new call to build a network between these events between 
performance and installation.

For this first event, we ask for your creativity around 11 keywords: 
port - text - installation - code - language - poetry - stream - 
computer - Performance - Network – sound.

Franck Ancel present this project at its conference “Code Source” on 
April 29, from 18h to 19h, in the Library auditorium Mériadeck Bordeaux.

Do not hesitate to use the hashtag #PE64 to talk about it!


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