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Become a Reviewer at Furtherfield


If you are interested in interviewing, reviewing and or writing 
articles, please contact marc.garrett at furtherfield.org

First, read below and then decide…

Furtherfield receives regular submissions inviting us to feature and 
review artworks and projects from artists and art groups from all over 
the world. Furtherfield has always managed to be on the pulse of media 
art and contemporary art culture as it happens. We already have an 
excellent team of dedicated reviewers working with us. However, because 
we are constantly adapting in order to reflect an ever shifting and 
dynamic culture it is essential to be open to new minds and their 
contemporary ideas. Media art is expanding and developing into new 
fields and critically engaged territories of art practice and social 
engagement. We will continue to represent related forms of media art 
culture but at the time will include new tendencies, contemporary 
engagements relating to art, technology and social change.

Live it, Claim it and Share it with Others.

The centralized, mainstream version of contemporary art has found its 
allies within an elite corporate world, and we know they are peddling a 
dying myth and not reflecting what is really happening out there. We 
know in parallel to the official story, there exists a more interesting 
and emancipatory contemporary art culture on the verge of being opened 
up to all. It is fresh, wild, independent and ever curious beyond 
mainstream, scripted agendas and liberated from the restrictive norms 
that dominate our mediated gaze. In fact, the mainstream art world is 
stealing our ideas, yours and ours - producing blander versions of what 
we are. We can only change this situation if we extend our reach to 
others and share our knowledge through active forms of co-emancipation. 
We’ve never been able to do it on our own, that’s the point.

What is this Art we are talking of?

You know it, as many different names – Contemporary Art, Net Art, New 
Media Art, Media Art, Glitch Art, Hacktivism, Networked Art, Fieldwork, 
Augmented reality Art, Media Archeology, Art intervention, Post-Media, 
Internet Art, browser Art, Post-Art, Psychogeography, Dark Matter, Sound 
Art, Networked Performance, Digital Art, Eco-media, Peer 2 Peer culture, 
Open-Source Culture, Games Art, Drone Art, Situationist Art, Folksonomy, 
Alternative Media, Virtual art, Software Art, Net Film, Net Video, Viral 
Art, Bio Art, Artware, Distributed Creativity, Real-time Media Art, 
Culture Hacking, Art Blogs, Tactical Media, Locative Media, DIY Culture, 
DIWO Culture, Free Culture, Social Networking Art – the list goes on…

Where is this stuff?

It is in networks, on mobile phones, in the streets, online, in spaces, 
in publications, at workshops, on radio, it is everywhere….

Articles, Reviews & Interviews on Furtherfield

Become a Reviewer

Note: Please do not reply unless you are sure that you are definitely 
interested. Also, we cannot afford to pay each writer but do offer 
different perks where you are part of something that is changing art 
history and culture, and are part of a dynamic and networked community 
of thousands. We are also in the process of setting up peer publishing 
journals featuring themed, reviews, articles and interviews, and other 
projects that reflect contributions.


A living - breathing - thriving networked neighbourhood -
proud of free culture - claiming it with others ;)

Other reviews,articles,interviews

Furtherfield – online arts community, platforms for creating, viewing,
discussing and learning about experimental practices at the
intersections of art, technology and social change.

Furtherfield Gallery – Finsbury Park (London).

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