[NetBehaviour] Call for participants/collaborators

Hedva Eltanani hedva_joy at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 25 03:28:08 CEST 2013

Hey everyone,

This is a call for artist to join the devising process. 

theme and subject:
Mutiny, power relations, perception/perspective.

The aim of the project is to raise the audiences awareness 
about the way we judge events in our lives. The idea is  to remind people that media is indoctrinated  and not objective. Doesn't matter if it is tv, fb, newspaper, online news, blogs.... even if they bring only facts, it has 
an agenda.
I have few ideas of structure but not sure and want try things out.


At first there will be a outline/story development. After that we will be experimenting with internet and mix media.
The rehearsals will be built from small workshop and group work. We devise work and show it. 

Each week there will be a focus on an element which will be developed and will serve as a base for the next rehearsal. 

rehearsals will be held about twice a week during may
You can drop in to any rehearsal. Each reharsal stands alone, though the devising progress will bring the ideas and structures from previous rehearsals. 

The workshops and devising time will be mainly in ]performance  space [ in hackney wick.


There will be small showings that will be arranged. Possibly, "work in progress" of 30 min will be at the beginning of June.
These are the first steps of a bigger scale project which I hope to take to festivals at some point.

To have more details about timings and about the project you are more than welcome to contact me. 


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