[NetBehaviour] Fwd: Sporkworld Migration and PHP 5

Edward Picot edward at edwardpicot.com
Fri Apr 26 19:27:35 CEST 2013

Martha -

Don't panic! This must have come as an extremely nasty shock, but 
judging by the message from this chap Lewis, all the Sporkworld content 
has been successfully moved ( presumably to a new server) - but it isn't 
coming out of its database and manifesting itself online in the form of 
a website, because the new server uses PHP5, and the Sporkworld code was 
written in an earlier version.

In other words, all the picture and text and videos and what have you 
are in there all right: it's just a matter of persuading them to come 
out: and from what you say, you've got copies of all the raw materials 
on your own computer anyway, which is very sensible. So nothing 
completely irreparable has happened.

It's probably going to be quite a lot of work, but it may be possible to 
tweak the code to make the whole thing start to work again the same way 
it used to. Or, it may be possible to write some new code to get things 
working in a new way, but the end result will still be a fully 
functioning website with all the bits and pieces in it which used to be 
in the old one.

I'm no expert in PHP, mind you. I've fiddled around with it a bit, but 
that was a few years ago, and I don't know anything about PHP5. I'll 
have a look at it if nobody better-qualified comes forward, but I'm sure 
there are much better-qualified people on this list. James Morris was 
the guy who helped Michael out when they had a terrible problem with 
DVBlog a few months ago, so he might be the best man for this job too. 
James? Would you prepared to have a stab at helping Martha out?

- Edward

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