[NetBehaviour] The Art of the Hunt

Dyske Suematsu dyske at dyske.com
Tue Apr 30 02:39:18 CEST 2013


I thought this was an interesting article because it spells out something
that the art world deliberately obfuscates in order to protect the prestige
of everyone involved (not just collectors, but artists, galleries, museums,
donors, etc..). I think this article tells us what purpose art world is
actually serving. There is a reason for every supply and demand.

Another example of deliberate obfuscation is rolling papers. They pretend
as though they are for rolling cigarettes but in reality people buy them to
roll marijuana. The purpose of Q-tips is obfuscated too. We all buy them to
clean our ear canals but the company pretends as though we never do
(presumably to avoid law suits).

The art world exists to exalt the social statuses of egotistical men, and
the artists are playing dumb, in denial, or truly ignorant of the purpose
they are serving.

This is what I like about digital/net art. It's very bad at serving this

Dyske from NYC
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