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Thanks Dyske,

"I think this article tells us what purpose art world is actually 
serving. There is a reason for every supply and demand."

Very interesting -- especially when there is so much going elsewhere at 
the edge of art etc...

> http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/28/opinion/sunday/the-art-of-the-hunt.html
> I thought this was an interesting article because it spells out 
> something that the art world deliberately obfuscates in order to 
> protect the prestige of everyone involved (not just collectors, but 
> artists, galleries, museums, donors, etc..). I think this article 
> tells us what purpose art world is actually serving. There is a reason 
> for every supply and demand.
> Another example of deliberate obfuscation is rolling papers. They 
> pretend as though they are for rolling cigarettes but in reality 
> people buy them to roll marijuana. The purpose of Q-tips is obfuscated 
> too. We all buy them to clean our ear canals but the company pretends 
> as though we never do (presumably to avoid law suits).
> The art world exists to exalt the social statuses of egotistical men, 
> and the artists are playing dumb, in denial, or truly ignorant of the 
> purpose they are serving.
> This is what I like about digital/net art. It's very bad at serving 
> this purpose.
> Dyske from NYC
> http://dyske.com
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