[NetBehaviour] Close Improvisation

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Aug 8 08:25:07 CEST 2013

Close Improvisation

http://lounge.espdisk.com/archives/1182 (best)
http://espdisk.com/alansondheim/edal1.mp3 qinqin
http://espdisk.com/alansondheim/edal2.mp3 cifteli
http://espdisk.com/alansondheim/edal3.mp3 erhu
http://espdisk.com/alansondheim/edal4.mp3 viola
http://espdisk.com/alansondheim/edal5.mp3 viola
http://espdisk.com/alansondheim/edal6.mp3 violin

Ed Schneider,
alto sax
Alan Sondheim,
qinqin (Chinese heptatonic scale)
cifteli (Albanian heptatonic scale)
erhu (Chinese)
viola, violin

close playing which has been wonderful and a relief given
all the stress we've been under recently. tomorrow, maybe,
bowed saz cumbus, which sounds amazing.

I love the tunefulness of these pieces; we recorded them
a couple of days ago. Enjoy.

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