[NetBehaviour] We are what we tweet: The Problem with a Big Data World when Everything You Say is Data Mined.

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On 14/08/2013 19:05, Rob Myers wrote:
> On 14/08/13 01:51 AM, marc garrett wrote:
>> http://culturedigitally.org/2013/06/we-are-what-we-tweet-the-problem-with-a-big-data-world-when-everything-you-say-is-data-mined/
>> Social media have certainly been supported so strongly because of the
>> personal data they allow to be harvested. This was not their original
>> intent (as the people who constantly tell us how politically hopeless
>> geeks are should easily be able to believe), and the distortions they
>> impose on the presentation, self-representation and actions of the
>> subjects whose data they collect are politically problematic for both
>> their proponents and opponents.

They say "The city is one giant public opinion poll, data-mining the
minds of millions of people to help companies and governments make

My question is whether we can be said to be expressing an opinion through a string of isolated actions and interactions, taken (for the purposes of data aggregation) completely out of context.

>> "These resistances, however, run the risk of just being filtered out."
>> Worse than that, they will be recuperated by the very system they
>> critique and be used to improve it or at least to increase its profits
>> (Time Warner profit from every mask Anonymous, or Justin Bieber, buys).
Dammit shouldn't have said that then....
>> This is the fate of critique.
>> The key is to keep moving.
quick... next!

>> - Rob.
: )

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