[NetBehaviour] Tissue Transaction (1989)

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sat Aug 17 01:59:47 CEST 2013

Tissue Transaction

walls hold text and images exuding what one can be

it surrounds my sense surround

of what i am bound to be

this my face

i want it retraced

yes replaced yes

this one in place

my face

i wanna psycho-repair because i care how this skin relates

so i can integrate

because i care

so i can feel great

again i wanna kiss and tell in a beautiful shell

and excel

extricate this age old tissue

eradicate an old aged issue

i wanna be in yer face with my face

refreshed and remade

i wanna be displayed to the world

and i wanna i wanna

make the grade

so let this sick tissue disappear

wither and die

so i can side step.......

the grey lines which have outlined my life-lines

no more devolution or intrusion let me have evolution

emotional solution

external veneer do you hear? new skin my dear

no fatty gumption i wanna deduction

take away the time-growth

the schemantic aged old sloth

this gradual function

this life enhancer

face shifter - techno dealer

ego stroker and shaper

time stealer

i want your seduction

a face transaction


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