[NetBehaviour] 20 drawings of felix the cat

Michael Szpakowski szpako at yahoo.com
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Thank you!
<me want to pick up a pencil
      or pen and draw> Do! - I think it would be really interesting to see whether drawing added a 
new dimension to the amazing stuff you are doing on the sporkworld blog* - maybe the birds, maybe the context of the birds, maybe something at right angles to both of those...

Or if you don't feel like doing that, maybe some drawings posted to Flickr - you can have honorary membership of the Writtle School of Design staff/student Flickr group...

warmest wishes

* here, for anyone who hasn't seen it:

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These make me want to pick up a pencil or pen and draw.  I especially admire the final image.

The Last Collaboration http://www.furtherfield.org/features/articles/last-collaboration http://www.furtherfield.org/friendsofspork/ City Bird: Selected Poems (1991 - 2009)
by Millie Niss, edited by Martha Deed http://www.blazevox.org/index.php/Shop/Poetry/city-bird-selected-poems-1991-2009-by-millie-niss-edited-by-martha-deed-192/
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