[NetBehaviour] A disjointed conversation – Claire Bishop, The Digital Divide, and the State of New Media Contemporary Art.

dave miller dave.miller.uk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 13:12:32 CET 2013

Very interesting article. I particularly like the scarcity threat, and
how 3D printing such as thingiverse are a threat to the gallery model.
I had an idea some time ago for an iTunes for Art, where you can
download art, as a way of allowing the majority of artists (who make
no money from their art) to have a market to sell into. If you could
download art and print it in 3D then it's possible!

On 16 January 2013 10:54, netbehaviour <netbehaviour at furtherfield.org> wrote:
> A disjointed conversation – Claire Bishop, The Digital Divide, and the
> State of New Media Contemporary Art.
> By Patrick Lichty.
> I found Claire Bishop’s landmark essay on Digital Art, ‘The Digital
> Divide’ in Artforum’s 50th Anniversary issue three months late through
> Lauren Cornell and Brian Droitcour’s equally polemic response,
> ‘Technical Difficulties’ in the January 2013 issue.  Since September,
> there have been excellent conversations, both inside and outside the New
> Media community. There are a plethora of positions on Bishop’s highly
> successful essay; success in that it has created such a stir. The
> problem with the conversation, and I dare not say dialogue, is that the
> rhetoric resulting from ‘The Digital Divide’ is disjoint along several
> lines, in some ways schematizing some of the reasons for her polemic.
> Secondly, the resulting cross-takedown between Lauren Cornell/Brian
> Droitcour and Bishop remind me that I no longer live in the relatively
> generous era in which we built the genre of New Media in the 90’s.
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