[NetBehaviour] Glitch aart objects for show

aharon aha at aharonic.net
Thu Jan 17 13:26:01 CET 2013

> Hi all,

Hi Marc and all!

Just throwing a practice I had in mind for some period now, with no time
to pursue, and it sounds like this might be a context for someone better
to do.

Responding to glitch objects idea. Some time ago I visited a friend in
london hack space where he showed me around. one of the more fascinating
areas, for me, was around the 3d printer where people threw away "failed"
3d printing attempts. It was fascinating, in my mind - and perhaps it
isn't entirely clear - precisely because these objects were/are glitches
that reveal/uncover.. Stuff like how the person imagined the tech to be,
and how it actually is. How the process interacts with materials, with
machine, with code, with intent.. etc..

Might be a way to do stuff for the show.. A few ways perhaps.. Or none..

Anyhow, just a quick thought and thanks for the reminder.

Cheers and all the best!


> We will be having a Glitch Art show at Furtherfield this spring.
> And even though we already have a mix of excellent artworks to show - we
> are also interested in showing glitch 'physical' objects?
> If anyone has seen some interesting glitch objects, can you send me a
> link to their work.
> This is no promise their work will be in the show because we cannot fit
> everything in, but it would be a great help.
> We will also be doing an open call, which will be to show a mix the
> glitch artworks on-line.
> This is early days, so info will be out as soon as other factors begin
> fitting into place.
> Wishing all well.
> marc
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