[NetBehaviour] Georgio Morandi: Lines of Poetry.

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Wed Jan 23 11:57:26 CET 2013

Georgio Morandi: Lines of Poetry.

by Robert Jackson.

"There is a new exhibition on Georgio Morandi at the Estorick 
Collection, London, called Lines of Poetry. I’ve heard that they’ve 
brought together quite a few drawings and watercolours not previously 
seen in the UK – and more excitingly it collects all of the most 
important graphic work he did, including drawings there weren’t 
characteristically still-life.

I was never really interested in Morandi’s work, until I saw a 
conference lecture given by one of my tutors – John Chilver – on Morandi 
and Heidegger’s ‘The Thing”. I was about 22 I think, and I certainly 
wasn’t in the capacity to absorb anything about Heidegger at that point 
(it was published somewhere I believe), but I remember the oddness and 
intensity of the works. Now of course, I see clear and obvious links 
between Morandi’s strange, haunting grasp of still-life objects forever 
ungraspable and Heidegger’s own musings about the withdrawn, 
self-supporting jug."


Robert Jackson is also a writer/reviewer on Furtherfield.
His recent article is 'Algorithms and Control'

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