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*The Art Licks Weekend *

*4-6 October 2013*

Art Licks first launched its website in January 2010 and has since grown 
to provide an essential platform and voice to the lesser-known and 
under-represented activities that form the grass roots of visual culture 
in London. We are very excited to now announce our new annual project: 
the Art Licks Weekend.

The Art Licks Weekend celebrates the creative energy of the young London 
art scene. For this three-day festival young galleries, not-for-profit 
projects, artist-run spaces and independent curatorial projects will be 
open to the public with exhibitions of work by emerging artists and 
special events.

The dominant picture of the capital's creative sector is one that does 
not represent the wealth of projects happening, establishing, and 
renewing amongst younger artists and projects in spaces outside of 
central London.//The AL Weekend represents this side of the capital's 
art scene and recognises the work as valid and substantial. Such 
galleries are risk-takers, setting themselves up on their own 
initiative, often with little or no funding, and the work produced is 
exciting, relevant and innovative.

It is important that we support these initiatives and individuals, and 
celebrate their contribution to the diverse cultural landscape of London 
as they form the future of its art scene. The AL Weekend offers a 
positive outlet for young artists, curators and gallerists at a critical 
point in their careers, to build new networks and relationships with 

Art Licks will engage with local groups, families and schools to improve 
access to the arts, with tours of the AL Weekend to encourage an open 
dialogue between galleries, artists, curators, the local public and 
young people.

If you are running a space or project and are keen to be involved in the 
AL Weekend programme, then we'd like to hear from you. A Proposal Form 
for the festival can be downloaded from 

/Artquest <http://www.artquest.org.uk/>: Partner/

/Bubblebyte.org <http://www.bubblebyte.org/>: Digital Partner/

/REcreative <http://www.recreativeuk.com/>: Education/Outreach Partner 


/The Art Licks Weekend 2013 is supported by Arts Council England, the 
Chelsea Arts Club Trust and the AL Weekend Patrons.



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