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A “Little Sun” in the art world: an interview to Olafur Eliasson
by Silvia Bertolotti

It is true that two of the main elements of Eliasson’s arts have always
been social participation (also in terms of interaction, use of public
spaces and rising of social awareness) and the dialogue with the natural
environment. The artistic act, in an exemplary project as Little Sun, can
become a call for action and social/environmental engagement, as the artist
once more declares: “In everyday life, it is important that we critically
engage in global initiatives and local contexts. Our actions have
consequences for the worlds.

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Displace 2.0: Mediation of Sensations. A conversation with Chris Salter
by Silvia Bertolotti

Silvia Bertolotti has interviewed the media artist Chris Salter. They spoke
about his last project "Displace 2.0", which is part of his research on the
creation of augmented performative environments where sensor based tools
and technologies challenge the sensorial experience on different levels
(audio, visual, tactile, olfactive, etc). Developed with TeZ Maurizio
Martinucci and the anthropology professor David Howes, and presented at
TodaysArt festival 2012, it's a seminal experience for all lovers of close
relationships between Art, Perception & Science

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Can a common language be found? Report from “Paraphrasing Babel”
by Alessandra Saviotti

Alessandra Saviotti reports about the "Paraphrising Babel" exhibition,
displayed in many different locations in Maastricht and Heerlen in South of
The Netherlands, curated by Bert Van de Boom and Annet Dekker. The program
was mainly focused on video installations, sound installations and video
projections aiming to reflect on the different perception of language and

Read the report:


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