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Experimental Theatre: Public Domain by Roger Bernat.

Review by Esther Belvis Pons.


Esther Belvis Pons is a researcher-artist and educator that has worked 
with experimental theatre companies around Europe. She holds a PhD in 
Theatre and Performance Studies by the University of Warwick and the 
Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her main interests include audience 
participation and mediatized performance, collaborative methods of 
research and transductive pedagogies. She collaborates with different 
journals as a writer and she is co-editor of Efímera, a biannual journal 
specialized in Live Art in Latin America and Spain. 

Roger Bernat - After studying architecture, he discovered theatre and at 
the age of 25 he entered the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona to study 
directing and dramaturgy. Soon after, he founded and directed, with 
Tomàs Aragay, the company General Elèctrica. Well known in Catalonia for 
their daring and engaged projects, General Elèctrica (1997-2001) created 
a dozen remarkable productions. Roger Bernat often concentrates on a 
variety of social groups (heroes, transsexuals, cab drivers, etc.) in 
his ongoing search for new theatrical forms. His best-known plays 
include Que algú em tapi la boca (2001), Bona gent (2003) in 
collaboration with Juan Navarro, Amnèsia de fuga (2004), LA LA LA LA 
(2004), Tot és perfecte (2005) and Das Paradies Experiment (2007). Apart 
from his stage work, Roger Bernat also directs videos. 


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