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alex alex at slab.org
Tue Jan 29 15:22:05 CET 2013

++| ALGORAVE |++


Algorave live dates and calls below:


Algorave is music made for both heads and feet, generated live from
software, but made by humans for humans. By making music by
hand-crafting algorithms, musicians can find new ground to explore,
often with strange results, but at algoraves the focus is always on
music that’s good for dancing. Initial tests during 2012 went well, so
we are spreading across...

+ Birmingham UK - 23rd Feb, Network Music Festival
+ Brighton UK - 17th April, Volks Club
+ London UK - 18th April, east london venue (tba)
+ Karlsruhe DE - 20th April, LiveCodeFest
+ The Hague NL - 26th April, (venue tbc)
+ Sydney AU - mid June, MUsical MEtacreation Weekend

Players are still being confirmed but already includes Mico Rex (mex),
Yee-King (UK), Slub (UK), Sick Lincoln (UK), Andrew Sorensen (AU),
Luuma (UK), section_9 (UK), Kassen (NL) and Glitch Lich (earth).

More dates to follow soon in Manchester, Sheffield, Duesseldorf,
Cologne and more.. To stay up to date follow our website
(http://algorave.com), or on twitter (http://twitter.com/algorave) or
facebook (http://facebook.com/algoravers).


The Musical Metacreation (MUME) weekend in Sydney is hosting an
algorave in mid-June 2013 - if you’d like to contribute, either in
person as a live performance, or with recorded algorithmic dance music
to be played by a robot DJ, please propose something via the MUME
The deadline has been extended to the 15th February..


If you make software to make music to move to, and would like to play
at a future algorave, we’d love to hear from you. We are not purists
-- algorave performances do not have to be live coded from scratch or
anything -- but your music should have a significant algorithmic
component. Please let us know with a link to audio and/or video. We’re
also very happy to hear from festivals, venues and individuals who
would like to host an algorave.

Algorave is a ChordPunch project (http://chordpunch.com/) in
collaboration with TOPLAP (http://toplap.org/).

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