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indifferent to curtains
don't drink beer (or any alcohol)
very much like snacks

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Just wondering why it is that only Samhat is being considered sexist. Or is all that beer-and-snacks business (not to mention the disregard for curtains) what all men really do? :-)

I love it, by the way, and can't wait for the next episode...

On 29 January 2013 19:32, Edward Picot <edward at edwardpicot.com> wrote:

Michael -
>I suppose I do lay myself open to the charge of sexism. The running joke
>about Samhat the Harlot always wanting to put curtains up is borderline
>sexist, and of course the idea that she's basically prepared to have sex
>with anybody no matter what they're like. In my defence I would say that
>the source text isn't exactly politically correct, and more to the point
>that I don't believe in making fun of all the men but treating the women
>with veneration - I prefer to make fun of everybody. I would also say
>that as the story unfolds Samhat turns out to be one of the more
>grounded characters. Ultimately people must judge for themselves whether
>the effect of the characterisation is demeaning or not, which is the
>real litmus-test. I don't think it is, but then if I did think it was I
>wouldn't have done it like that in the first place.
>I respect you for saying what you think, though. (Grinds teeth in
>repressed fury, and crosses Michael off his Christmas-card list for next
>- Edward
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