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Soenke Zehle s.zehle at xmlab.org
Thu Jan 31 11:06:27 CET 2013

Hi all,

book launch / panel yesterday at #tm13, feedback welcome


I still have a few print copies from the first edition, email me if
you want one.


Depletion Design: A Glossary of Network Ecologies
Ed. Carolin Wiedemann & Soenke Zehle
Theory on Demand #8
Amsterdam: INC, 2012


We, or so we are told, are running out of time, of time to develop
alternatives to a new politics of emergency, as constant crisis has
exhausted the means of a politics of representation too slow for the
state of exception, too ignorant of the distribution of political
agency, too focused on the governability of financial architectures.
But new forms of individual and collective agency already emerge, as
we learn to live, love, work within the horizon of depletion, to ask
what it means to sustain ourselves, each other, again. Of these and
other knowledges so created, there can no longer be an encyclopedia; a
glossary, perhaps.

Contributors: Marie-Luise Angerer (Cyborg), Franco 'Bifo' Berardi
(Exhaustion, Soul Work), David M. Berry (On Terminality), Zach Blas
(Queer Darkness), Drew S. Burk (Grey Ecology), Gabriella Coleman
(Anonymous), Heidi Rae Cooley (Ecologies of Practice), Sebastian
Deterding (Playful Technologies, Persuasive Design), Jennifer Gabrys
(Natural History, Salvage), Johannes Grenzfurthner & Frank A.
Schneider (Hackerspace), Eric Kluitenberg (Sustainable Immobility),
Boyan Manchev (Disorganisation, Persistence), Lev Manovich (Software),
Sonia Matos (Wicked Problems), Jason W. Moore (Crisis), Timothy Morton
(Ecology without Nature), Anna Munster (Digital Embodiment), Eduardo
Navas (Remix[ing] Re/Appropriations), Brett Neilson (Fracking),
Sebastian Olma (Biopolitics, Creative Industries, Vitalism), Jussi
Parikka (Dust Matter), Luciana Parisi (Algorithmic Architecture),
Judith Revel (Common), Ned Rossiter (Dirt Research), Sean Smith
(Information Bomb), Hito Steyerl (Spam of the Earth) .

This text is published under a Creative Commons licence

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