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Personally I'm hugely grateful to Rob for his generosity in producing these regularly.
I don't always read them all, naturally, but whenever I do browse I'm entertained, appalled and instructed in prety much equal measure.
Having worked for a long time on DVblog I'm really aware how much effort goes into apparently effortless things. 

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>>Ender's Game is pornography -
>Excellent. Though I wasn't certain at times if I was for or against
>what was being said, or if I should go out and read the book or not.
>Probably won't bother. I would have personally chosen a different
>opinion to post as a link but then, I guess this one is as good as any
>but I personally found "your baloney kit sucks" more interesting and 
>"why i am no longer a skeptic" even better - brilliant in fact. Though
>his review of donnie darko rather jarred with my opinion of the film
>though keanu reeves acting ability doesn't bother me either. But then
>I'm not intellectual and both of those films are comforting to me like
>psychic readings are to... people who find them comforting despite
>knowing what a scam they are. but really my reaction to his reviews of
>these films I should ignore because the "why i am no longer a skeptic"
>piece really... made my day at work fifty thousand times more
>interesting (for a good three hours I spent fifteen~twenty seconds of
>every minute reading from his website on my mobile).

Just a note: i didn't actually read much past the first paragraph of
either of those two film reviews.

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