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Hi All,

Just following up to let you know what we ended up using.

It basically is portal that bundles together phonegap, and other services
as well as providing backend services. we have had better luck with
deploying to andriod than ios. It has been good for rapid development. They
have a template builder for the UI and just updated CSS so easier but still
work to customize.

Can't speak for full development but for fairly quickly making an app they
are good. They are new and small and found them to be responsive to support
inquiries despite the timezone difference.

Thanks for all who got in touch and the chats. about to start the studies
so see you in september!!


On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 10:46 AM, Pollie Barden <paba77 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am looking at phonegap to prototype an app for my research. In reading
> up on it I see on issue for andriod tablets is the scaling of interface on
> the tablet. From what I read it seems people have a problem getting it to
> go full screen on the tablet. Most of what I have seen is a year old but I
> can't find recent references to whether still and issue or not. I was
> wondering it anyone had run into this with their development. I am looking
> to have the app run on both phone and tablet platform. The full screen is
> important because the tablet is for older people to use.
> If you have used phone gap, have you found it easier to got ipad/iphone
> route?
> I have budget of 1000 for research supplie. I was looking android since I
> could 4 android tablets vs 2 ipads. For a slightly larger pilot study, and
> hopefully get more funding when can demo benefit. I would like to get alpha
> up for testing quickly so if looking for advice if anyone has found if ipad
> or android easier to play with. Specially to to screen sizing across
> phone/tablet platforms.
> I would be developing in html,css,javascript, etc...and using phone gap to
> bundle it.
> Or if you have recommendations for another phonegap like system?
> Context if it helps.
> I am working with Organization called GoodGym. http://www.goodgym.org/ The
> core component. Is runners once a week run to visit an older person. The
> idea is the runner is motivated to run once a week and older person gets a
> visit.
> None of our older people use computers or smartphones. I am looking a
> introducing a tablet, as the GoodGym tool that is similar to digital
> picture frame. The goal to help remind that runner is coming to visit and
> show progress to arrival.  Just a simple interface of the runner's picture,
> date of next visit, and when the runner starts running. They can hit start
> on their phone and then the tablet for the older person counts down the
> minutes to their arrive.  runner hits end when they arrive.
> Any advice or guidance on any part is welcome and will be helpful and
> greatly appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Pollie
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