[NetBehaviour] Warning. I'm here to warn you. We're here to warn you.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jul 4 17:56:07 CEST 2013

Warning. I'm here to warn you. We're here to warn you.

I'm here to warn you. We're lights and sirens, we're signals.
We're the warning signs, the early-warning signs. We've seen
enough. You ignore us at your peril. We warn you here in this
world and in the next, in the real world and in the virtual. Our
signals travel slower than the speed of light or travel at the
speed of light; it doesn't matter, we're earlier, we've arrived
first, we're here to warn you, to tell you, implore you, we're
here to bear witness. The first warning: This is not a repetition.
The second warning: This is not an extrapolation from an origin.
The third warning: This is novelty. The fourth: This has never
been witnessed before. We bear witness to the lack of witness, to
the invisible witness, to the dead witness, to the wounded
witness. We bear witness to the disappearing witness, to the
witness who would see and demarcate every juncture, who would
arise with the power of the signal, the density and momentum of
the word. The sixth warning: That the density is not noise, that
noise is the warning, that noise is the horizon, that the noise is
_this_ noise is dense. The noise is dense: This is the seventh
warning. That it is dense and _it is not noise._ That is to say,
that is to warn, that is to declare, it is something somewhere
else, it is a moment when history transforms noise into signal,
signal into noise. So this is the next warning: That the signal is
noise, that the signal is useless, subterfuge, that the signal is
circumlocution with a hollow center, without a center at all,
without the surrounding walls of data-accumulation, with piles of
dirt-data, with unruly piles. That the noise is the signal, that
it is within the midst of the noise, Heidegger's little hut in the
mountains, in the midst of the noise, constructed from noise,
developed and engineered from noise. That the hut is noise
transformed into noise, that there are none others, that there are
every others, that is to say, that there are virtuals. That is the
warning, that the noise are virtuals, that the virtuals are noise,
everything replete, nothing beyond or within the mountains or
chasms or dry deserts on any one of a billion exoplanets. That the
warning is noise and not signal, that the warning is throttle and
not code, that the warning is a rough patch, that the rough patch
is real and that the real are virtuals, that the rough patch are
virtuals, the warning somewhere in there, that there are noise,
that there is density, somewhere in the warning there is density,
somewhere in the density a warning, of something or someone or
other, of some time, something that's there, a rough patch ...

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