[NetBehaviour] .Prevent Systemic War

Bishop Zareh xchicago at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 20:40:33 CEST 2013

What follows is an edited proposal from the SWARM working group:

> 3D weapon sales are not the only things making people jumpy. It is not 
> simply a matter of having a finger on the trigger, but rather a technical 
> social machine used to enforce formations of power, a regime of signs - a 
> communication/warfare system that promotes conflict as beneficial.

(clip) An advanced, multiple source, art action happening on different levels and in different spaces, something like a simultaneous convergence of numerous electronic Boston Tea Parties.

America have a long tradition of challenging authority, the American Revolution, Henry David Thoreau, and the Vietnam War. (clip)

Mimetic techniques and multicast distribution have allowed insurgents to coordinate political and artistic movements throughout the world. The current architecture is being overhauled, but in the Internet, we see a possibility of controlling population by controlling information flow within the walls of commerce. (clip)

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