[NetBehaviour] A Letter to Goldsmiths art students on capitalism, art and pseudo-critique

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sun Jul 7 16:47:14 CEST 2013

A Letter to Goldsmiths art students on capitalism, art and pseudo-critique

By Prolapsarian.

Dear Goldsmiths Art Students,

I attended your MFA show two nights ago. I apologise to an extent: with 
so many artworks on display it was difficult to digest any of them. That 
situation was exacerbated by the fact that so few of the works seemed to 
have it in them to behave destructively towards the others. Maybe this 
is where I can begin: that the type of co-operation between artworks, 
their intellectual co-ordination, is something I find troubling. It 
didn’t seem to me to be the co-operation of a school thinking together, 
but instead the co-ordination of the school uniform, of a discipline 
that had been so fully internalised that all of the artworks, under its 
authority, might comfortably coalesce. That made those artworks 
difficult to be with.

Snippet from text "It is a convenient slippage as it preserves the 
height of that plinth from which the judgment of capitalism might be 
made; critique, where it claims to exist in these artworks, need not 
sully itself in the muck of the billions of corpses, the works need not 
work to empathise with or express the visceral human suffering of those 
subjected to labour until they die because their “critique” can be made 
from a comfortable distance and the concept of capitalism which becomes 
the object of the critique never did include all of that death and 
suffering. It is here that these artworks find their true affinity with 

Worth a read…


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