[NetBehaviour] FAUNA

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jul 9 05:11:20 CEST 2013



Ediacaran fauna with alien glitch phenomena.

Hooves or a prancing faun. He transformed into multi-colored
creature miraculous panoply flora and fauna the imminent loss of
faunal cultures In Worship this Woman, dreampt fawns are species
our delight 'dirty' fawn > officials have a final thought: Atom
as anthrax; plus - it's boolean at heart gen All megafauna in
wild will be extinct. The population earth Cocaine reality tv.

Countries countries they cannot place on Dimitri. I took to
flabby and released Everglades down less than 1% their previous
fauna, Everything came clear again. Time backward, becomes pip
FSF explosion CIA radar Soviet Uzi fissionable terrorist Running
hand deer, elbow, hooved palm, lines SAID take us there first!
Why can't get along! Are Shale complete photographic catalog
somewhere. At moment, AK-47 Waco, Here is How you make that We
lost cynicism. There are no untoward across Wild, end megafauna,
variety, coastal culture, With meek, imploring look, startled
air fawn, her modest ZA!D lv :  pm 1958 had picture Bikini
hydrogen [miscategorized] illegal! dirty word _all fauna_
possess culture: it not unique humans; even amoeba map; two
surveillance] security DES quiche Mossad spy again, 'everyone'
recognizes disappearing, yet close amerika= beat THEY face, sell
out biome flora/fauna regimes. muck clutter other machinic
suddenly true murder mega meatinged anti-gravitation, shrapnel,
bodies mineral faults capitols mercy moles, aroused. Can them.
I'm your electronic buzz associations wasteland for local fauna.
There's only one last, see life running out, fawning very end,
where bathroom. Yay! clouds war storming, Iraq. developing
presented didn't mean before dawn. agriculture turns weeds among
blinded mutant believe. democracy. planes any time. rant, guitar
borne enough goodbye bush fawns over wall street fucks streeters
fucking by grange goat, Alpine chough sparrow, fog, weather
categorization ethnic cleansing. Online real challenge takis lie
heill ye vves those gladnes bewte d gret changing landscape
kingston pennsylvania computers were partial dreams fickle
creating chaos illness driving sick cryptographic Croatian
munitions cracking nuclear NSA till deterrent since capable
miscategorized said : "Evidence which disappeared with Code Zero

to amerika= to beat THEY SAID the face, sell out to of : fawn is
THEY and biome or flora/fauna regimes. muck and clutter as
pennsylvania computers were partial dreams fawned by the THEY
SAID culture, 21st forever!!!i hate amerikka! ... fawn amerikka
THEY america!  THEY SAID understanding re sex tape, THEY
hydrogen fawn is approximately .1 % of that which occurred in
THEY SAID shit and just around the corner, the barrel of we will
mcluhan fawning, THEY SAID itability. Even tonight I dreamed of
a could be the result of a fawn; if morons. THEY SAID ... fawn ,
fawn is, fawn THEY SAID america in some sort of context. raped,
the landscapes reason it even comes racism...bigotry fawn THEY
THEY SAID fantastic. fawn amerikka .  that try sure it not fawn
fawn thm up thir true of Al-Qaeda thought to the THEY SAID pig
my my by fawn of witnesses fawn how prick their THEY SAID ...
would THEY SAID love :  pm fawn america, americans travels in
care : you too. (repeat). fawning evolution. own gm THEY SAID
care: TAKE CARE.

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