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Selection of interviews by Marc Garrett 2010-2013.

A selection of interviews by Marc Garrett between 2010-2013, with people 
involved in art, technology & social change.


Through the years I have interviewed all kinds of people. And yes, it is 
has been an absolute privilege to be part of a brilliant culture, where 
there are so many amazing and interesting minds. Some view this vibrant 
culture as media art or new media art as it has developed in parallel to 
the mainstream art world. However, out of this societal shift a whole 
new breed of art practitioners has founded a form of controlling the 
means of art production on their own terms. This leads us to questions 
about what values can we now interpret as contemporary art?

Well, without any doubt I personally view all of these artists, 
theorists, coders, hacktivists and tinkerers, as part of larger field of 
contemporary art practice. As someone who has been deeply entwined in 
the history of this expanding field; I know, just like many others, that 
the most interesting and critically engaged art happening out there, 
does not only contribute as merely a reflection of the world, but it 
also plays a vital role in changing its reality. This means something...

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