[NetBehaviour] “The Flood of Rights”. A conference about media technologies and human rights.

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Thu Jul 18 11:27:18 CEST 2013

“The Flood of Rights”. A conference about media technologies and human 

On Digicult.

Bard College / Bard College Human Rights Project - New York 19 - 22 / 09 
/ 2013
Organized by Thomas Keenan, Suhail Malik, and Tirdad Zolghadr


Human rights claims are now made and conveyed—demonstrated—anywhere and 
at all levels through user-generated communication channels such as 
Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. These images and their consequences 
constitute a human rights praxis outside of its conventional sites such 
as law, government, NGO activity, and formal journalism. They present a 
radical expansion and consolidation of human rights practices and 
institutions, and no less a new kind of universalism that underpins and 
is transformed by these praxes, perhaps constructing a practical 
communicative ethos that is yet to be understood.

Responding to the drastic changes in how political transformations in 
the name of justice have been organized and taken place since the first 
“Human Snapshot Conference” in Arles in 2011, the second LUMA Foundation 
Conference in 2013, “The Flood of Rights” will ask how technologies of 
image-capture and the channels of communication have in recent years 
transformed the very terms of human rights.

That is, while “The Human Snapshot” developed implications of the 
intersections between human rights, photography, and concepts of 
universalism, “The Flood of Rights” conference will focus now is on how 
the newly produced and disseminated universalizing pressures on 
morality, law, civic engagement and their institutions are themselves 
transfigured in the process.

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