[NetBehaviour] Biohackers | The Politics of Open Science.

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Mon Jul 22 12:50:38 CEST 2013

Biohackers. The Politics of Open Science. Hackers aiming at the conquest 
of the world of science,

By Paolo Magaudda | Digicult - http://bit.ly/1bEZ9w7

What  do  hackers  have  to  do  with  BioLabs  dealing  with  DNA 
mapping  and  testing  new modifications of human life? Biohackers. The 
Politics of Open Science is a book published by Pluto Press and written 
by Alessandro Delfanti 
(http://issuu.com/plutopress/docs/delfanti_biohackers) a scholar who 
studies the relationships between science and society. He tells us not 
only that the hacker culture has many things in common with the world of 
science, but also, in a more fascinating way, that the current 
transformations of life sciences are and will be even more characterized 
by a mash-up or remix (by adopting the author’s own words) between the 
traditional scientific culture, the hacker ethics and the open access 

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